Retail Stores

Retail stores that use Google Calendar to manage their in-store events can create invitations that can be loaded directly into their calendar.

For just the cost of shipping, stores can purchase a setup pack which includes: signage for the counter and door along with cones to identify tables that are held for those with reservations.


Game Publishers

Publishers have events at conventions, retail stores or just the open demo tables at a booth.

People who make reservations are much more likely to make a purchase. They have taken the extra step to find your game and ask you to hold a seat.

As they sit down to play, they are much more interested than anyone that just happens to be walking by your booth when the game starts.

Publishers, for just the cost of shipping, can purchase a setup pack which includes signage for the counter along with cones to identify tables that are held for those with reservations.



Think of Game Rustlers as your safety net.

Have open gaming but don't have a solution for finding players, other than waving your arms or holding a big orange flag? Game Rustlers to the rescue!

Are you a convention that sells game tickets as part of your revenue model? Game Rustlers can help. When the event is created, click the box that says "Paid Tickets" and all games are "waitList" only.

Game Rustlers adds to whatever registration system you're using. Think of it as real-time game registration. Game starting in an hour but you're short 2 players? Game Rustlers can help.

In all these examples, every gamer can find their game using the built-in GPS locator. The game host just needs to set the GPS for their table, and voila, everyone can find it.

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